Guide On How To Choose The Right Floor Tiles For Your Home

Guide On How To Choose The Right Floor Tiles For Your Home

The floor is the surface of your house that needs to be colorful and magnificent and we all know about the importance of good flooring. It is therefore important to infuse your home with floor tiles that add value to your home and will endure wear and tear. With the market overwhelmed with various options of floor tiles, choosing the right tiles for your house could be a challenge. Here is a guide on how to choose the right tiles for your home:


Although dark colored tiles are preferred today, it is good that you go with light floor tiles, especially if you live in a small house. This is because they make the room look bigger, bright, and fresh. If you don’t have big windows, the light colored tiles will help bring light to your room. If you intend to use dark colored tiles, ensure that your rooms are well lit.


Before deciding to fit tiles in your home, it is essential that you decide where the tiles will be placed, whether in the living room, bathroom, or kitchen floor. Whereas ceramic and glass tiles are good for bathroom choices because of their ability to dry fast and low maintenance, natural stone tiles are ideal for your living room.marble flooring


Everyone wants to keep their floor clean, so it is essential that you maintain them well. If you are one type of person who does not have enough time to clean your floor tiles regularly, then choose tiles that are easy to clean and do not require a lot of care such as laminated tiles.


Large tiles will make your room look more expensive and is often a safe bet for most rooms. Small tiles, on the other hand, can make your room feel more intimate, but they should be used with a lot of caution. Small tiles often have more grout lines which can add to a complex appearance of your room’s design.

Large tiles take less time and effort to install compared to small tiles, a point worth considering especially if you intend to hire a professional to install the tiles or if you intend to install them yourself.


Because housing is a long-term investment, do not compromise the quality of your floor by buying cheap tiles that will not last long. It could be expensive but worth it as you will not need to spend another chunk of money trying to fix worn out tiles.

Choosing the right tiles for your floors may be a difficult task but by going through your choice in the right way and thinking about how you want your home to be, you will be able to make a perfect choice of tiles for your floors.

Types and Care of Oriental Rug Cleaning

Types and Care of Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are a common type of rugs that were initially used in countries like China, Iran, and India. Today, Oriental rugs are used in virtually all the households across the globe. Oriental rugs are known for their unique designs and rich colors and can be found in several households. rug restoration These rugs come in different sizes and shapes as well as variety and are usually made from materials such as cotton or wool, but can also be made from materials such as synthetic materials or silk.

Adding an oriental rug in your house can make your room look bright, but just like most rugs, they are prone to getting dirty. However, with proper cleaning techniques and care for your rug, your rug can look new for a long time.

Oriental rugs are made from different materials and as such there is no definite way of cleaning them. However, oriental rugs can be cleaning depending on the manufactures instructions available on most labels when you buy your rug. Here are some of the ways you can use to take care of your oriental rug to help you maintain a clean look:

Sweeping the Rug

This method can be used to clean all types of oriental rugs, be it woolen, cotton, synthetic, or cotton. Use a broom with straw bristles or even a carpet cleaner for the initial cleaning of the rug. Always sweep from one direction, usually from end to end. Avoid rubbing your broom back and forth because you might end up damaging your rug. Once you are done sweeping the rug, repeat the same procedure and go over it for a second time till you are sure your rug is clean.

Vacuum Clean the Rug on Both Sides

Lay your rug in an empty flat area and vacuum over the rug slowly to remove hair, abrasives, and any form of dirt that may damage your rug after some time. Repeat the process two or three times to ensure that you get all the dirt out and avoid the fringes because they can get stuck on the vacuum sweeper. Once you are done with one side, flip over to the other side and repeat the same procedure till your rug is clean.professional carpet cleaning services

Clean Your Rug Using Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is good for removing unwanted odors left behind by either pets or smoke. After vacuuming your rug thoroughly, sprinkle the powder on the rug and allow it to sleep overnight before using the vacuum cleaner to lift the powder out of the carpet.

Use Water and Detergents to Clean

This method of care can be used for deep cleaning of your rug. You can sock the entire side of your rug with water mixed with detergents then clean thoroughly using a brush before flipping over to the other side and doing the same. You can then hang you Oriental rug somewhere and use a hosepipe to rinse off the dirty water and detergent and leave it to dry or use a dry cleaner to dry it.

Although the above-mentioned methods of Oriental rug care can be used on all types of rugs, it is important that you read the manufacturers cleaning instructions before cleaning your rug.

Benefits of Wall Mural Painting

Benefits of Wall Mural Painting

Wall murals painting are a fun and creative way of to liven dull, cold, and bare walls. The good thing about wall murals is that anyone can do them and you don’t need to be an artist to paint some. You can design your own wall mural using your piece of imagination, artwork, picture books, or greeting cards. You can as well buy a wall mural kit to help you, or just find a professional mural artist to help you design and paint an ideal wall mural for you.

Though wall murals painting may just be seen as normal wall paintings for enhancing room beauty, they have many benefits. Here are a few but essential benefits of painted wall murals:mural

They capture attention

Murals are good for capturing attention. Most business and companies today use murals as a landmark to capture the attention of clients to their business. Wall murals painting are a growing trend because of their ability to capture the attention of people and making the business easily identifiable. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and nothing can convey your business beliefs and attitude more than art.

Wall murals give businesses unique looks

Murals give a business or company a unique look as different murals are made according to your specification by an artist and every mural is unique to the business or company that house it. A unique look of your company or business makes your business stand out from the rest, and is likely to stick in the minds of your potential clients, thus increasing the possibility of your potential clients visiting your business.

Murals improve employee morale

Staring the wall is a common scenario in most offices when the employees are bored, but with a creative, colorful wall mural, employees can get a boost of energy and creativity when they look at the walls. Creativity and openness is the standing order in the 21st Century office culture, and a perfect wall mural is an ideal way to foster this kind of working environment and in the process can do much on productivity.


A Degreaser Disinfectant Can Keep Your Family Safe And Home Clean

A Degreaser Disinfectant Can Keep Your Family Safe And Home Clean

Degreaser Disinfectant are available in different forms, from gentle to heavy duty. For instance, dish-washing liquid is a superb gentle de-greaser which has a variety of uses throughout the kitchen and around your home, and most brands are specifically produced to be easy on your hands. Commercially manufactured de-greaser solutions like Formula 409 or Fantastik will deal with more difficult de-greasing jobs while remaining ideal for daily home use.

However, it is essential to note that some of these Degreaser Disinfectant may contain toxic chemical compounds that may not be safe to use with bare hands or gas masks and may be dangerous when it gets into contact with the skin. So, you may think about using other green alternatives such as the use of heavy duty citrus Degreaser Disinfectant.

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How can Degreasers Keep your Family Safe and Home Clean?

It goes without saying that the beginning of a healthy life is keeping yourself clean as well as your surrounding clean. By cleaning your home using Degreaser Disinfectant, you will be able to get read of pathogenic germs that may otherwise cause illness to you and your family.

Most home cleaning Degreaser Disinfectant are effective for cleansing of different washable surfaces in your home such as carpets, ceramic tiles, plastics, rubber items, leather, metallic surfaces, glass surfaces, rugs, and fabrics among many other things. Degreasers also have the ability to emulsify oil, grease, heavy dirt, rust, carbon deposits, mud, and many other forms of dirt that may be dangerous for your health and that of your family.

Before buying Degreaser Disinfectant, it is important that you check the labels for strength and if you may need to dilute the degreaser for specific cleaning purposes. You can also use degreasers in cleaning your toilet to kill germs, bathtub as well as cleaning your window glasses.

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All said and done, degreasers are effective products to use in our homes as they help kill bacteria and pathogens that cause illness. However, it is important that you observe all the safety measures especially if you are using inorganic degreasers made from chemicals. Your health, as well as that of your family, is paramount, so, it is time you consider using degreasers for cleaning your home and be sure to live a healthy life free from diseases.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Disinfecting Your Home with Vinegar

Advantages and Disadvantages of Disinfecting Your Home with Vinegar

Environment friendly cleaning solutions offer a viable substitute to several chemical products available in the local stores. One such cleaning product is vinegar. Vinegar differs from other chemical products in terms of biodegradability, ingredients, and safety.

When used correctly with the satisfactory safety measures in place, chemical cleaning products can be safe. However, they can be of great disadvantage to pets and children who may come into contact with them. Safety is therefore a great advantage when it comes to using eco-friendly cleaning products such as vinegar. But just like any other product, vinegar too has its own disadvantages. Let us now look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using vinegar as your home cleaning product.Safety is therefore a great advantage when it comes to using eco-friendly cleaning products such as vinegar. But just like any other product, vinegar too has its own disadvantages.

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Advantages of using vinegar.


The greatest disadvantage of using chemical compounds to disinfect your home is that they are not safe for both your health, your kid’s health as well as that of your pet or pets. Most of these cleaning compounds are made from toxic chemicals such as methyl chloride, ammonia, nonoxynols, and many more that have been proved to have long lasting side effects when they come into contact with kids or pets.

However, vinegar is made from natural occurring ingredients that are eco-friendly and have no adverse effects on users, thus, deemed as a safe disinfecting agent for your home.

Better Biodegradability.

Unlike chemical cleaning compounds, vinegar is biodegradable and has no adverse effects even if it find its way into the ecosystem, including soil and water.

Less Irritation.

Vinegar made from natural ingredients does not irritate the skin, senses, or respiratory system like other chemical cleaning compounds. Vinegar also does not trigger allergies and respiratory ailments such as asthma.

distilled white vinegar

Disadvantages of Using Vinegar as a Disinfecting Agent.


One of the notable disadvantages of using vinegar as a disinfecting agent is the cost. This is probably why most people prefer using chemical cleaning products. Most cleaning products produced using natural ingredients are often more expensive compared to the chemical products in the market. This is because the price of these chemical products tend to come down as new manufactures flock the market with several products due to the high demand of cleaning agents. Chemical products are also easy to prepare as it involves mixing a few chemicals and can easily be done even at home.


Though vinegar may be a good disinfecting agent, it is however not designed to cut through tuff stains, clogs, grease, and other stubborn substances that may be found within our homes. This is another reason why people prefer chemical cleaning agents.

From the experience of using vinegar as a disinfecting agent, the advantages outweighs the disadvantages and this is why routine cleaning with vinegar is of a great benefit than using chemical cleaners.